RIP Lachie

In about June 2010 we heard thru SARG in Sunraysia about a big rottie that someone wanted to hand on. We spoke to the guy who had him and he said the dog had been passed on to him by someone else who hadn’t had him very long. Then we couldn’t make any further contact and we put him on our ‘sorry big guy we did try to help’ list. Next he turned up at wentworth pound, a small pound on the border. Just another dog handed from one person to another till again he ended up at the pound. Elizabeth Linklater from Rural Rescue kindly held him for us while he had a course of four cartrophen injections. Lachie weighed about 55 kgs. His eyes were weeping badly and he had probably had distress from them all his life. He needed an entropian operation on his eyes. We arranged for him to be operated on and then to spend his recuperation time at xmas with sharpei rescue. He then moved to Bianca Linklater’s house in Melbourne, who kindly offered to be his foster carer. Being a big and very strong boy we had to find that special home for him. Everyone that met Lachie adored him. He was like a big slobbering pussy cat.

While he was at Bianca’s he had to go for a further vet check. And Trisha and hubby volunteered to pick him up and take him while Bianca was at work. Trisha tells the story: “We didn’t think too much about it till we arrived at the empty house to pick up Lachie from the back garden, when it suddenly occurred to us that perhaps he wouldn’t really appreciate strangers taking him to the vet. So we approached the gate a little tentatively, but the licks on the fingers as we were opening the gate were reassuring. He was so good in the car, and was so keen to get into the vet he nearly pulled us over.”

We soon pretty well knew he was going to be a permanent foster care dog as a big rottie at nearly 9, with bad arthritis especially in his back leg was not going to be sought after. Sunraysia winters are hard on the outside dogs. In April 2011 his leg was getting worse so he went in for a check up and some xrays and was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Amputation was not a possibility.

Bianca is a special person who never thought of moving him on because it was going to be difficult. And it is very difficult to care for a dog with a known problem that you really can do very little to help. Lachie had pain relief and other medication and homeopathic support. But he didn’t need any support to retain his love of life and his absolute joy in people and other dogs. Anyone who is frightened of Rottweilers should have met Lachie. He was all love and was yet another dog who deserved far better than he had for most of his life.

Lachie went to sleep at the Canterbury vet on the 14 February with Simon and Bianca there cuddling him. It was time as the medication could no longer mask the pain.

You were a good boy, Lachie.

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