RIP Juniper

Juniper, our Love

Juniper loved his life,
he loved sharing his life with us,
he loved his pack,
he loved his cuddles,
he loved his cushion,
he loved hiding in bed,
he loved his food,
he loved his snack hunts,
he loved his walks,
he loved his holidays,
he loved sunbathing,
he loved chasing seagulls,
he loved swimming after black swans,
he loved being loved!

Thank you, Juniper, for sharing your life with us
from 25th March 2012 to 11th November 2017.
Your were about 15/ 1/2 to 17 1/2 years old when it was time
to say Good Bye, but LOVE NEVER DIES!

Endless cuddles from Mum & Dad

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