RIP Janie

Janie had been unwell for some time and was struggling terribly. The vet had said to me in August last year that Janie would be lucky to get another 6 it turned out, she held on for another 7 months. It is believed she had degenerative myelopathy and she was at the stage where she could hardly walk, her breathing was laboured and her appetite had decreased. I had hesitated for so long as I could not bear making the decision, however, in the end I had to think of what was best for Janie. Even though the vet told me on the day that I was doing the right thing, it was still heartbreaking.

I miss Janie so much. She was my first rescue dog (8 years ago this month) and has such a special place in my heart. I want to thank VicDRG for rescuing her so that she could have a happy life with me. She brought me so much joy and unconditional love.