RIP Bertie

What a couple of funny, dirty and skinny little fluffies I picked up from a pound at theend of September! Trisha suspected Bertie and Beckie may have been a back yard breeding pair that had reached their ‘breed by’ date and had been abandoned.

Beckie is a lovely, calm, gentle soul who has found a terrific home after recovering from major mammary tumor surgery, but Bertie was more difficult to place.

Bertie was terribly hand shy and quite growly with humans and fiercely protective of Beckie - all 3.5 kilo of him at that stage. He would growl at me when I looked at him for the first month and would sit at the front of the crate with Beckie behind him and not let her move!

After a couple of visits from the trainer he began to trust and slowly learnt that some humans are not so bad. It look another month before he would allow me to really pet him - and he eventually trusted me enough to roll over for a tummy rub.

By this time is had put on a kilo, been groomed, had a couple of baths and was a very much happier dog but still had some behavioural issues - still growling and refusing to be house trained. Carolyn at Nth Rd eventually discovered that Bertie had a massive prostate tumor that must have been growing and giving him pain for ages - and may have been the reason for the growling and why he would poo and pee everywhere

Chris Preston at PESC anaethetised Bertie for a CT scan yesterday and sadly found that the tumor was too far advanced and the cancer had spread through his tiny little body. Dear little Bertie didn’t get a chance to wake up.

We are all so terribly sad but it’s like Trisha said – sometimes you just do you best, and give them all the love they deserve

RIP little Bertie Bert! Charlie and I miss you.

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