RIP Bailey

Dante and Bailey came to us from a not very nice situation where they lived all day in an artificial grass pen. They were very bonded and we were so lucky to find such a great home for them to spend their final years.

From their adopter:

It is with a sad heart that I must let you know that Bailey lost her battle on Tuesday - her cancer had tripled it size in three weeks. This growth came with many other issues which once had taken hold became a major health and welfare concern. Along with our vet it was time make the decision to let her go with dignity.

Her last couple of days were filled with love and treats - she laid her head in my hands and passed away gently. It was a tough place to get to - we are forever grateful for how she touched our lives and that she able to have that extra time.

Dante is coping well and will hopefully settle more over the next few days. It is the beginning of a new life for him without Bailey.

Barbara C.

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