In Memoriam

  • Sapphire


    Sapphire came to us from a pound at the end of 2010. She was a senior girl with rotting teeth, terrible ear infection that made her completely deaf, and a very quiet personality. She was meant to be a foster dog and move on but somehow she just didn’t quite fit any of her applications...

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  • Delaware


    We are so grateful that we were lucky enough to have Delaware (Leroy) live with us over the last six months, along with his brother Deveron. We are heartbroken by his death on Monday night, aged only ten months, but relieved that he is no longer in pain...

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  • Lambert


    We are so very sorry Lambert. Lambert is dead. He had barely made it into our care, but he was in our care...

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  • Rocky Dee

    Rocky Dee

    Rocky came to us in terrible condition, with all four legs having problems and one having terrible pain, a cherry eye, ear infections and in dire need of a dental...

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  • Alex (2005 - 2014)

    Alex (2005 - 2014)

    My much loved handsome boy ...

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  • Gingersaurus


    Gingersaurus, we are so sorry we didn't do better for you...

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  • Samara


    Sadly on 14 July we had to say goodbye to Samara. What a beautiful girl she was. Samara came as a foster dog and stayed for 10 months as she wasn’t able to be adopted due to health issues. Everyone fell in love with Samara...

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  • Katie


    You were one in a million. Good bye Katie. We only had you with us for just over a year, but you changed everything. Life was exciting with you around. You loved to play, to run, to swim and to jump...

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  • Hughie


    For a little guy, Hughie sure made a huge impact on us. Hughie died yesterday and he took a big chunk of our hearts with him. Hughie was the sixth member of our household ...

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  • Coco


    Coco, do you remember the first day you came here? It was early 2010, and you were almost 11 years old. You had been surrendered by your previous owner after having spent your entire life all alone in a backyard. When the call came out for a foster home, I knew in my heart that you would come here and never leave...

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in our hearts forever

Here we remember and pay tribute to our rescue dogs and cats that have left us for the Rainbow Bridge.