Happy Tails

  • Barney (formerly Otto)

    Barney (formerly Otto)

    Barney is one of the most beautiful dogs we have ever owned. He is very clever, friendly and happy - his tail is forever wagging. A complete gem to have around…

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  • Polly


    With continual tail wagging and enormous grins on their faces, we know that we are all going to have a very happy life together…

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  • Missie


    Missie has settled in amazingly well and seems to be extremely happy with us…

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  • Martha & Rufus

    Martha & Rufus

    Martha and Rufus are such a big part of our lives. I love how they meet me at the door and cuddle up…

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  • Maggie (formerly Paloma)

    Maggie (formerly Paloma)

    She is my life and she is cared for as I would care for my own children. She never leaves my side…

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  • Juno


    Juno has made herself quite at home and is best buddies with her new pals Bindi and Toby…

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  • Angus


    Angus and his faithful brave nurse Rocky the cat…

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  • Louis (formerly Franklin)

    Louis (formerly Franklin)

    He is very happy here, and has become very good friends with our other dog…

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  • Emory


    He is very happy here, and has become very good friends with our other dog.…

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  • Faith


    Faith and Elita became great friends within the first afternoon and they absolutely adore each other and hate being separated…

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  • Farley


    Farley has been a fabulous addition to our family. With already one furkid in our house the decision to add another four legged family member was an important one…

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  • Kel & Kirk

    Kel & Kirk

    Kirk and Kell are possibly father and son. They do everything together - they play, explore, kiss, spoon and clean each other…

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  • Weary (formerly Theo)

    Weary (formerly Theo)

    Theo (or "Sir Weary" as he is now known) is doing amazingly! After getting to know him for a bit, we decided to name him after Sir 'Weary' Dunlop, the extraordinary military doctor…

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  • Tillie (formerly Essie)

    Tillie (formerly Essie)

    Tillie has been a huge hit at Williamstowne off leash beach front because she is so friendly and fits right in with all the other dogs...Thank you so much for enriching my life with Tillie…

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  • Bella (formerly Guinivere)

    Bella (formerly Guinivere)

    Adopting Bella is one of the most rewarding things that we have ever done. The experience does not end at bringing your new family member home, it continues on throughout their whole life…

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  • Yota


    We fell in love with Yota and she with us. We feel absolutely blessed to have taken such a journey with our friend in need. I have never had as rewarding an experience as fostering a dog that has had a tough time and seeing it blossom…

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  • Ruben


    Adopting Ruben was a huge decision. On first meeting Ruben we fell in love with his adorable eyes and energetic personality, though we were nervous about bringing him home. However within days we knew we had made the right choice…

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  • Indie


    Indie has settled in well, she gets walks everyday, and her favourite seat in the house is the couch. I have attached some photos of her for you…

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  • Max (formerly Ozzie)

    Max (formerly Ozzie)

    Max is a beautiful little heeler with a wonderful, gentle nature. He has taught his mum and dad to be selfless and caring and the meaning of unconditional love. We all love going to the park…

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  • Dax (formerly Praxis)

    Dax (formerly Praxis)

    Dax, formally known as Praxis, has settled into my family wonderfully. Dax is such a gentle soul. Wonderful with children- and even cats.…

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Read the stories of our rescue dogs and cats that have landed on their paws and are now living in their forever homes. Read what happiness they have brought  to people of all walks of life. It's these happy endings  that  make up for all the heartache and hard work.